SO i was surfing on youtube hoping to come across some good video, and i stumble on this. If i am not wrong the artist refer to himself as GODEES.

I was awed by the artist seriously. Well i don’t draw so i’m not sure whether is he counted fast or not, but even i a amateur could see he is really good! I mean he hardly even need to use his eraser and his shading skill really make the drawing look alot better. I must say i love how he draw the eyes.

The picture above are just parts of the artist work.
More of the artist work can be find in his website

Official site http://godees.studio-web.net/
Sutikkamu http://www.stickam.jp/profile/godees
Blog http://yaplog.jp/godees/
Twitter http://twitter.com/MYGODEES

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Ichigo Kurosaki The Last Getsuga Tensho ver.

I believe many people has been waiting for this figure for a long time after it first shown itself. Bandai has onced again prove themselves. I mean just look at the figure, the detail, colouring is all done perfectly even the expression is accurate. The figure isn’t out yet and will only be available this year December. Not much detail is out about this figure as Bandai has only upload one picture about it. The figure is scaled 170mm and cost 3465yen.

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Weekly Dose- Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

This week we have both Varia and Mukuro group snatching for fran, only to realise that fran has lost his memory of the future, then they start pushing fran to each other as without his memory he is useless to them. Turns out they almost play a game called ladder and the winner has to take fran with them, till fran point out to someone unknow and wanted to join them. On the other hand Mammon sneak away to the fountain only to find four other arcobaleno already there waiting for mammon side of message as reborn left out some part in each letter only when all letter gather together the rest message will appear, and that is about Bamuda Fon Vekkstein the holder of transparent pacifer and the eighth flame. Woah things are starting seems like the new arc gonna begabnsoon, can’t believe its so fast. Well it’s not i hate it.

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Daily Picture #24

So i have a question…. Hideyoshi trap or not? This has been a widely debated issue for many issue. Hideyoshi who have his own changing room, his own hot spring corner. Not matter how he tried to proved himself that he is a guy, his effort has always been undone. So…. male or female?

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Weekly Dose- Kimi No Iru Machi (New start)

So a new page of Haruto life will be began soon. With him finding his new home, all he need how is to move in with his stuff and he will be ready to start anew. This time together with Eba, even though he has lost his friends( which i think they will get back soon together). He won’t be lonely because now at least he has Eba by side. Since Haruto had lost so much and sacrifice so many for Eba. I hope that this time he could firmly grab hold of Eba hand and not never lost them again

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Daily Picture #23

The world will never cease to forgive my actions! Why, you ask? That’s right, it is because I am… Beautiful!!! Mero Mero Mero~~~!!!! Boa Hancock a female warrior from Amazon Lily. A proud women who detest man, at least not until he met luffy who melt her ice heart. Other then luffy she treat all other men like dirt which is obvious from the shift of attitude. I find Hancock to be amusing because she got misled by many action from luffy and keep thinking they’re married.

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Weekly Dose- One Piece (Just as plan?)

So i understand that jinbei want to make luffy look like a hero to all the fishman in fishman island. Like what many people say. The hero will alway appear at the right moment and this week chapter perfectly show how it is done. But i am seriously amused at luffy definition on hero’s. But i can’t say that he is wrong. With the battle starting soon. Luffy amazed me by instantly crippling half of Hody army using his Conqueror’s Haki. Lefting 50,000 of pirates left. This reminds me of the battle at Enis Lobby where they are face with a 1v 5000 situation. It getting more exciting chapter by chapter! Kick hody ass!!!!

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