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Summer 2011 Preview

I wanted to post all of the summer preview but due to time constraint and other reason i decided to only post those series where i decided to watch or blog. These are the first impression of the series front … Continue reading

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Weekly Dose- Katekyo Hitman Reborn! (Trust)

Friendship is a beautiful thing. I think that it is the trust between primo and cozart which save tsuna this time giving his sudden powerup. But of course tsuna would not be able to accomplish this if he didn’t trust … Continue reading

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Freezing (Ingrid Bernstein Sexy Ver.)

Here we have Ingrid Bernstein from the series called freezing. Our sexy guardian of order is just wearing fishnet stocking, shirt and undies. Woah talk about fantasy coming true, It is manufactured by FREEing, a 1/4 scale.  Her fishnet is made … Continue reading

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Cosplayer of the week

The first cosplayer we are going to blog about is the famous Kaname. He made his first cosplay debut as cloud strife from Final Fantasy VII. Where he rise to stardom, since then he cosplay many different character. Gaining more … Continue reading

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Daily Picture

Everyday i will post a picture to make this small little space more colourful and my commitment to mantain this blog. Today focus is Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck more commonly known as nel. She first appeared in a child form during … Continue reading

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Weekly Dose- Kimi No Iru Machi (rage)

No doubt that i am a eba fan and i thought i would feel happy if eba and haruto get back together.I am contradicting myself. But i feel sad for asuka, haruto method of breaking up really isn’t the best of … Continue reading

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Weekly Dose- Bleach (surprise)

So Tsukishima ability may very be changing other people past by creating new one. This ability may only activate itself when his fullbring ‘bookmark’ stab the person before. So this make ginjou and ichigo the only sane one here? Maybe … Continue reading

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