One Piece Time Skip -Nami/Brook/Sanji (Strong World Ver)

Wooo Bandai has brought us a complete figure of nami after the 2year timeskip. With her body Mature even further and she wearing even sexier. Showing off her curves and bigger breast. The figure is scale ar 130mm releasing in October this year.

Next up we have our Soul king Brook! With flashier pants then in the past Brook gonna rock your world! He gonna jam you upside down with the afro of his. His figure is scale at 150mm releasing in October this year also.

Lastly we have our cook who come back from hell. Yes… It hell literally. Now he finally escape  i mean left from okama island. He can finally go back to his nami swan~ and robin chan after 2years. His figure scaling to 140mm. Releasing in October too.


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2 Responses to One Piece Time Skip -Nami/Brook/Sanji (Strong World Ver)

  1. raphael says:

    hey, yeah these are awesome, do you know where i can get them? or ship them if needed?

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