SO i was surfing on youtube hoping to come across some good video, and i stumble on this. If i am not wrong the artist refer to himself as GODEES.

I was awed by the artist seriously. Well i don’t draw so i’m not sure whether is he counted fast or not, but even i a amateur could see he is really good! I mean he hardly even need to use his eraser and his shading skill really make the drawing look alot better. I must say i love how he draw the eyes.

The picture above are just parts of the artist work.
More of the artist work can be find in his website

Official site http://godees.studio-web.net/
Sutikkamu http://www.stickam.jp/profile/godees
Blog http://yaplog.jp/godees/
Twitter http://twitter.com/MYGODEES


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Anime and Manga is my passion!
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