Weekly Dose- Naruto (Just as i feared)

Itachi always managed to surprised me with his farsight, he planned far ahead hoping to make Sasuke a hero of Konoha after Sasuke killed him. He always place a trap on Sasuke sharingan if tobi should met him. Now he put a genjustu on his power whereby he place it within Naruto so should Sasuke ever attack the village only then this power would be triggered. Luckily it is because of that only allow Itachi to be free from Kabuto edo tensei. But things is not looking good for naruto and gang because this times instead of spiliting his power to 6 body, all the power is in just one body. Making him more formidable as from seen how he get past Bee and head straight to Naruto grabbing his soul out.

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Shoko Nakagawa- Namida no Tane, Egao no Hana

The ending of the movie Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Movie: Lagann-hen. All i can say is this song suits perfectly as the ending theme. Seeing the last scene after the movie the lyric of this song just stay in my head, as i find the meaning fits the song perfectly with Shoko Nakagawa who sings the opening and ending of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann made her the perfect singer for this song

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Weekly Dose- Bleach (Helpless)

So my guess about Tsukishima ability from last week is spot on, so knowing Ginjou betrayal ichigo loss of his new gained power, losing all his friend and being helpless again it. He almost give up until the arrival of the long awaited Isshin and Urahara along with a surprise guest RUKIA!!!! (nice hair btw) So i had no idea what did rukia stab ichigo with, assuming it is his past shinigami power coming back to him which took the soul society some time to gather it back? Though Zangestu did get a new looked so much explanation would be needed in the next chapter. But i would preferred that ichigo thrown in despaired lonfer before getting his power back. I mean Ichigo is constantly getting powerup in this few chapter. Which is kinda of getting abit old.

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Monthly Dose- Claymore (The past)

This month we have a in depth on the past of Roxanne and Cassandra. We managed to know the meaning between both of their nickname, Love and Hate is because Roxanne would alway admired the higher number in the past, where she would copy their technique and when she surpassed her preceder she would come to hate it. While The Dust Eater is because Cassandra by anchoring her feet could swing her body giving her the monmentum where she get very close to the ground and slash of the enemy leg making them lose their footing. Most enemy get caught of guard because they aren’t use to low angle attack. To me Cassandra is kinda bitch as all her skill her just a copy yet she act so high and mighty. But we have to admit she is real strong. As for Cassandra i found her to be quite attractive actually to think she would care so much about the fact people know her skill as she alway get herself dirty so she clean herself afterward everytime after she finish a mission. So all it’s left is Miria who i doubt can win the fight, meaning reinforcement should be arriving soon. I also hope they would exploit the past of Hysteria.

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Daily Picture #22

Konoe Subaru from Mayo Chiki! she is definitely the cutest girl from this season anime. i mean she try her best at all time even though it may not be good everytime. But seeing her try her best is really fun. Espicially when she is forced to obey to command even though she don’t want to. I just can’t get the image out of my head when she was saying meaaaah. It was K.O for me. For those who wan to watch light hearted show, with comedy and romance Mayo Chiki! is a must watch for you then.

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Hyadain- Hyadain no Joujou Yuujou

Another masterpiece by Hyadain, Catchy music and awesome pv. A talented composer with good singing skill, with good acting skill. He made the pv look likes it is filled with so much fun which suit this song. Espicially when he paired up with Hayami Akari making the pv just much more adorable. I am already addicted to it after listening it to a few time. Hope more of his work would come out soon.

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Daily Picture #21

Nyan Nyan~ Cats lover must not miss this show. This show depict our main protagonist Junpei KĊsaka who has cat allergic and to make thing worst he accidentally destroy a cat deity statue which cursed him, unless he help 100 cat, he will turn into a cat himself. Surrounding him is Kaede Mizuno the air headed cat lover, who junpei carried a one sided crush. Next is his well endowed childhood friend Kanako Sumiyoshi. Along with 2 twins and Nagi Ichinose who has a boyish appearance.

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